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Human Resource Strategy to Manage Anxiety in the Workplace

2020 has certainly seen more than its fair share of uncertainty. It's important to create and maintain a mentally healthy workplace in order to support employees who suffer from anxiety whilst in the work environment.

The secret to successful workplace investigations

Issues occur in workplaces with some regularity, and whether it be a dispute between employees, a breach of procedure, a case of misconduct or something else altogether, it needs to be dealt with effectively and efficiently. But how?

How to Handle Workplace Bullying Without Adding Fuel to the Fire

If you’re dealing with someone in the workplace who has been bullying, harassing, intimidating, threatening or victimising an individual or group of employees, the very last thing you’ll want to do is make the situation worse. So how do you handle the situation without adding fuel to the fire?

3 Ways to Value and Support Your Older Employees

It seems that Australia is changing its attitude towards older employees, and for the better.

In a recent report by the Australian HR Institute and the Australian Human Rights Commission, 28% of respondents in the AHRI report had no reluctance to employ older workers, up from 8% in 2014. While that number is still far from ideal, it is improving.

Should You be Outsourcing or Insourcing your HR?

Along with haircuts, HR is high on the list of activities that shouldn’t be left to just anyone. This leaves most businesses with two options. Should your business be managing HR matters with a dedicated internal professional or department, or should you consider HR outsourcing in Sydney to meet your current and upcoming needs? Here’s what to consider when weighing up both sides of the coin.

Does a Small Business Really Need HR – And How?

It doesn’t matter how small and agile the team; human resource issues can arise at any business size and stage. So how do small businesses access the advice and services they need without wasting resources?

COVID-19: Leading Your Team

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, many leaders are facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty. Lyndell Fogarty, CEO of PerformHR shares her thoughts.

The 3 Questions Every CEO Needs to Ask

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s an adage many CEOs grapple with. And sometimes it’s difficult to balance the desire to drive a new agenda; going from good to great, reducing or even eliminating a way of operating that is outdated.

Modern Award Changes from 1 March 2020

Annualised salaries may seem like a welcome administrative relief for employers. However, with changes coming to certain modern awards on 1 March, this may no longer be the case. The team here at PerformHR has reviewed the changes and shares their thoughts.

Announcement: SCHADS Award pay rate adjustment

On the 1st December, rates of pay for some employees under the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (SCHADS Award) increased. Have you made the necessary changes to payroll for your team?

Outsourced HR – What’s the benefit?

HR has many components to it, each requiring a different skill set. Whether you need ongoing support in payroll, once-off recruitment, or expert Employment Relations advice, there are a number of benefits to outsourced HR partners - for both your business, and your people.

The right hiring strategy for the community care sector

For businesses in the community care sector, bringing the right people into your organisation is critical. So, what can you do to ensure you find the right candidates, and the right candidates find you?

Do you have a people plan?

You wouldn’t invite your builder to start building your home without first creating a plan. Don’t do it with your business, either. A well-thought out people strategy is essential for business success. But why?

What makes a great culture?

A strong culture is evident in the way each and every one of your team acts and behaves. And, as a business leader, it's your responsibility to ensure that culture is powering your business.

Your M&A due diligence HR checklist

Involve HR from the outset in any M&A... a human due diligence process can reduce imminent risks and identify potential deal breakers.

Fast facts: Single Touch Payroll

It's been described as the biggest change for businesses since the introduction of GST. So, here's everything you need to know about single touch payroll.

HR: We have a perception problem

While CFOs, COOs and CMOs are seen as natural successors to a CEO, HR rarely is. HR – we have a perception problem.

The true cost of poor culture

Culture's not a fluffy concept that makes work a 'nice' place to be. It can have a major impact on every part of your business – including the bottom line.

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