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The vast majority of businesses have plans for growth. As organisations scale up, even those with the most capable of internal HR teams can benefit from working with an external HR consulting firm. The reason? The bigger a business, the more complex its HR needs are likely to become. For example:

  • How will you consistently attract the highest quality talent to support your business growth?
  • How will you maintain the best possible work culture as the team expands?
  • How can you keep employees engaged in a larger work environment?
  • How will you help leaders and managers adapt to shifting dynamics? And,
  • How can you instil the values and policies to be known as an employer of choice?

Failure to address these points, amongst others, may not only stunt the organisation’s speed of growth – but also limit the organisation’s market share and ultimate success.

How HR consultancy partners to support a sustainable growth model

While your internal HR team may be highly adept, HR consultancy partners can offer a fresh and unique perspective – that is, from the outside looking in. Much like the role of a good editor, HR consultants provide an impartial approach that can work strongly in your favour.

This objectivity can be valuable in a vast range of situations, including:

  • Gaining an accurate assessment of where the workplace culture and values currently sit.
  • Identifying areas where current workplace relations or recruitment practices might actually be stalling growth.
  • Enabling employees at every level to be frank and upfront without the fear of repercussions. Even if those potential repercussions are entirely imagined, they could still limit internal feedback.
  • Providing leadership consulting and coaching that’s more likely to be taken on board, with less chance of defensiveness.
  • Aligning HR practices more closely with the organisation’s vision, values and mission. And,
  • Freeing up the internal HR team to focus on day-to-day objectives with a clear roadmap.

Of course, expertise is going to be incredibly important if you are thinking of working with an HR consulting firm.

Four qualities to look for in the right HR consultancy partners

Look out for the following characteristics if you’re looking for an ideal HR growth partner:

  • Industry relevance

    Do the HR consultants have experience working with your industry and size of organisation?

  • Expertise

    Does the HR consulting firm offer expert services at the depth and breadth you require, across HR strategy, employment relations, leadership and coaching and other areas?

  • Insightfulness

    Do the HR consultants have a track record of identifying new insights, internal frustrations and opportunities for clients?

  • Honesty

    Do you trust that the HR consulting firm will really say what needs to be said, rather than simply confirming current practices?

The importance of HR consultancy simply can’t be overstated for a business or organisation that is in any type of growth phase. If you can use it to effectively connect and engage your expanding team, you’ll have invaluable support for a successful future.

performHR provides vast expertise and fresh perspective to clients all over Australia, from Sydney to Perth. Call us on 1300 406 005 or contact us via email to find your own HR support for growth.

“HR consultants provide an impartial approach that can work strongly in your favour”

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