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Case Studies

EVP – the True Employment Contract

PerformHR was engaged by a highly experienced firm in the construction environment, was hired by a medium-sized manufacturing company in Victoria to provide Senior Leadership, Middle Management, and Employee Respect at Work Training.

Respect at Work

PerformHR was engaged by a highly experienced firm in the construction environment, was hired by a medium-sized manufacturing company in Victoria to provide Senior Leadership, Middle Management, and Employee Respect at Work Training.

Good to Great Emerging Leaders

PerformHR was engaged by a Property Management and Construction group based in Rouse Hill with approximately 400 employees to accelerate their Learning and Development strategy and implementation.

Performance Appraisal Refresh

PerformHR was working with a long-standing outsourced HR client who had experienced steady growth. The client required a new Performance Appraisal process as the feedback from the workforce indicated that manager feedback was delayed when delivered through annual performance appraisals.

Federal Budget Announcement – What Employers Need to Know

With the new Budget announcement comes a number of changes to the industrial relations landscape in Australia. Here are the key changes and implementations of the Budget that all Australian employers need to be aware of in order to navigate the evolving landscape effectively.

How to Effectively Support and Build Relationships with Remote Workers

When managing remote-working employees, it should be your focus as a leader to instil trust in your team members and always assume positive intent. The benefits of working in remote and hybrid working models are immense, however, the challenges can also be immense. In this blog we delve into 6 things to consider to best consider how to engage and lead remote effectively.

Do you know what you need to know about Respect@Work ?

You can't get away with a quick online training session as part of your onboarding process that just 'touches' on sexual harassment anymore. Proposed new laws require employers to be far more proactive in preventing and addressing this conduct in their workplace. The recently tabled Federal Government Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights Legislation Amendment (Respect at Work) Bill 2022 (the Bill), seeks to impose greater obligations on employers to ensure their workplaces are free from discrimination and sexual harassment.

Attracting the talent you want in 2023

It is easy to lose focus on recruitment when you may not need to fill any current vacancies, however the best way to set your organisation up to attract and keep the right talent is by building a strategy well before the need to recruit so that you are prepared and have the right processes in place. Coming into the new year, many employers are left thinking about talent challenges and asking “how long is this going to continue?” or “should I be doing things differently?”

Know people

Our key sectors

As a company we work across all business sectors, helping companies realise the potential of their people strategy. We have also built specialist HR teams and knowledge centres in our organisation to provide HR solutions to the following business sectors requiring specific expertise:


Professional services

The performHR team works within all professional services sectors. Delivering contemporary HR advice and robust strategy enables you to focus on what you're good at.

We provide complete Outsourced HR solutions to various professionals including top and mid tier legal and accounting firms, consulting and engineering firms.


It is no secret that HR within the technology sector is our jam. Whether you're trying to compete for top talent or connecting a global workforce we may be the ideal partner for you.

Human capital management is a key component of successful technology companies. Make sure you have the right HR capability in place.


We have worked with local, state and federal government agencies on projects and initiatives and understand the HR requirements from a compliance and regulatory perspective. We know first hand that there are certain protocols that must be followed including authorities and the overall decision making process.

Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

Our team has experience working across the financial services sector, from traditional 'Big 4' banks to Fintechs and Neo banks. We provide HR and Employment Relations solutions to insurance firms and Superannuation organisations.

The performHR team is experienced in operating in regulatory environments requiring a high degree of compliance.


From on-site production to freight logistics and everything in between. The team here at performHR helps you create a compliant and flourishing business environment.

We work with a number of manufacturers, including multi-national organisations. Our clients include engineering firms, steel process facilities and the world's largest manufacturer of condensers to name a few.

Start ups and scale ups

Whether you've secured funding and are just getting started. Perhaps you're a business who's ready to go. Our people-driven business strategies get you to where you want to go.

There is no situation that is too big or small for us, we flex with you as required. One of our key clients is a listed global technology company. We have managed their HR function from when it was a team of seven working from a small office/house.

Aged care

Our specialist aged care team are expertly guiding a number of aged care providers through this period of rigorous change. We are the preferred outsourced HR provider for a number of aged care organisations.

We have a deep appreciation of the rigorous HR compliance required. We assist our clients with compliance with Standard 7 of the Aged Care Quality and Safety standards.


Our disability team understands the intricacies of the sector, and works with businesses of all sizes to navigate a complex and compliance-critical area.

Whether it is conducting impartial and complex workplace investigations or managing the entire HR function, performHR may be the HR team that your disability organisation requires.


A complex sector with challenging HR functions. If there is a HR issue you're encountering in the hospitality sector chances are we have faced it before. From hotels and pubs to restaurants and cafes.

“It was an advantage having someone with perspective who wasn’t tied emotionally to anything that had gone before.”

Think People, think perform hr

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    Our Value-add Key Partnerships

    Legal Advisory

    Perform HR has teamed up with Madison & Marcus, a highly respected and influential employment law firm, to offer our clients the best possible employment and safety advice. Our proactive and practical approach ensures that you receive professional guidance that is tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to keep your business protected and compliant with the latest laws and regulations.

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    Thought Leadership

    Perform HR have teamed with The Growth Faculty an expert in the field of HR and Leadership Thought Leadership.

    Working with The Growth Faculty, Perform HR is able to bring together the people, the thinking, the tools, and the sharing of ideas to grow teams and businesses

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