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  • Lyndell Fogarty profile

    Lyndell Fogarty


  • Kirbie McWhirter corporate profile

    Kirbie McWhirter

    General Manager

  • Tahnee McWhirter corporate profile

    Tahnee McWhirter

    Operations Director

  • Darren Fogarty PerformHR

    Darren Fogarty

    Head of Strategic Partnerships

  • Natalie Welch

    Head of Partnerships

  • Rosalind Loxton PerformHR

    Rosalind Loxton

    Employee Relations Service Director

  • Caitlin McMahon corporate profile

    Caitlin McMahon

    HR Business Partner/HR Team Lead

  • Sasi Virtanen corporate profile

    Sasi Virtanen

    HR Business Partner/HR Team Lead

  • Ellie Langford PerformHR

    Ellie Langford

    HR Business Partner/HR Team Lead

  • Sarah O’Donnell

    Employee Relations Specialist

  • Ros Tasker

    Professional Coach

  • Sarah Noonan corporate profile

    Sarah Noonan

    Customer Engagement Specialist

  • Johanna Fink

    HR Business Partner

  • Paayal Jattan

    Paayal Jattan

    HR Business Partner

  • Sonja Baker

    HR Business Partner

  • Allis Strickland PerformHR

    Allis Strickland

    Senior HR Advisor

  • Madeline Heanly

    Madeline Heanly

    Senior HR Advisor

  • Kate March PerformHR

    Kate March

    HR Advisor

  • Liana Fairhall PerformHR

    Liana Fairhall

    HR Advisor

  • Jamie Sonneveld

    Jamie Sonneveld

    HR Advisor

  • Alicia Williams PerformHR

    Alicia Williams

    HR Advisor

  • Carly Robson

    HR Advisor

  • Bonnie Byrnes PerformHR

    Bonnie Byrnes

    HR Advisor

  • Jessica May

    HR Advisor

  • Zachary Haas corporate profile

    Zachary Haas

    ER Officer

  • Hope Lawry

    HR Officer

  • Monique Lowe PerformHR corporate

    Monique Lowe

    Support Officer

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