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  • Lyndell Fogarty profile

    Lyndell Fogarty


  • Kirbie McWhirter corporate profile

    Kirbie McWhirter

    General Manager

  • Tahnee McWhirter corporate profile

    Tahnee McWhirter

    General Manager, People and Operations

  • Hich Nasr

    Hich Nasr

    General Manager, Workplace Relations and Risk

  • Sasi Virtanen corporate profile

    Sasi Virtanen

    HR Business Partner/HR Team Lead

  • Natalie Hong

    HR Business Partner

  • Amanda Herrald

    HR Business Partner

  • Sonja Baker

    HR Business Partner

  • Caitlin McMahon corporate profile

    Caitlin McMahon

    HR Business Partner/HR Team Lead

  • Johanna Fink

    HR Business Partner

  • Rosalind Loxton PerformHR

    Rosalind Loxton

    Employee Relations Service Director

  • Sarah O’Donnell

    Employee Relations Specialist

  • Darren Fogarty PerformHR

    Darren Fogarty

    Business Development Manager

  • Ros Tasker

    Professional Coach

  • Paayal Jattan

    Paayal Jattan

    HR Business Partner

  • Allis Strickland PerformHR

    Allis Strickland

    Senior HR Advisor

  • Madeline Heanly

    Madeline Heanly

    Senior HR Advisor

  • Natalie Fatania

    Senior HR Advisor

  • Kate March PerformHR

    Kate March

    HR Advisor

  • Liana Fairhall PerformHR

    Liana Fairhall

    HR Advisor

  • Bonnie Byrnes PerformHR

    Bonnie Byrnes

    HR Advisor

  • Alicia Williams PerformHR

    Alicia Williams

    HR Advisor

  • Carly Robson

    HR Advisor

  • Jessica May

    HR Advisor

  • Zachary Haas corporate profile

    Zachary Haas

    Employment Relations Officer

  • Hope Lawry

    HR Officer

  • Monique Lowe PerformHR corporate

    Monique Lowe

    Support Officer

  • Cherray McWhirter

    Operations Officer


Our values

At PerformHR we live and breathe our values – and we definitely walk the walk. When you work with us, this is what you get.

We are in your

Trust and transparency are critical to any business relationship. We become part of your team, providing safe hands, security and accountability.

We are always in your corner, we’ve got your back, and we work on your business with the same belief, diligence and care as we work on our own.

We’re always on and
we get it done

We call this our New York State of Mind. We are a brave, ballsy and business-savvy team that relentlessly pursues excellence, and has a dedication to action.

We’re always on, we aren’t afraid to tackle the tough stuff and we get things done. We solve problems, and we’re there when you need us.

We dare to be

People have the potential to make an extraordinary impact on your business. We work with you to create a strategic, tailor-made path to align what’s possible with what is needed.

We bring global best practice thinking to your business, to enable you to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

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