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EVP – the True Employment Contract

PerformHR was engaged by a highly experienced firm in the construction environment, was hired by a medium-sized manufacturing company in Victoria to provide Senior Leadership, Middle Management, and Employee Respect at Work Training.

Respect at Work

PerformHR was engaged by a highly experienced firm in the construction environment, was hired by a medium-sized manufacturing company in Victoria to provide Senior Leadership, Middle Management, and Employee Respect at Work Training.

Good to Great Emerging Leaders

PerformHR was engaged by a Property Management and Construction group based in Rouse Hill with approximately 400 employees to accelerate their Learning and Development strategy and implementation.

Performance Appraisal Refresh

PerformHR was working with a long-standing outsourced HR client who had experienced steady growth. The client required a new Performance Appraisal process as the feedback from the workforce indicated that manager feedback was delayed when delivered through annual performance appraisals.

Federal Budget Announcement – What Employers Need to Know

With the new Budget announcement comes a number of changes to the industrial relations landscape in Australia. Here are the key changes and implementations of the Budget that all Australian employers need to be aware of in order to navigate the evolving landscape effectively.

How to Effectively Support and Build Relationships with Remote Workers

When managing remote-working employees, it should be your focus as a leader to instil trust in your team members and always assume positive intent. The benefits of working in remote and hybrid working models are immense, however, the challenges can also be immense. In this blog we delve into 6 things to consider to best consider how to engage and lead remote effectively.

The 7 Things to Know about the Inevitable Pay Review Conversations    

The cost of living in Australia has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and this trend has only continued into 2023. This has seen the costs of housing, food, transportation, and healthcare increase significantly, and has left many Australians finding it difficult to keep up.

Do you know what you need to know about Respect@Work ?

You can't get away with a quick online training session as part of your onboarding process that just 'touches' on sexual harassment anymore. Proposed new laws require employers to be far more proactive in preventing and addressing this conduct in their workplace. The recently tabled Federal Government Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights Legislation Amendment (Respect at Work) Bill 2022 (the Bill), seeks to impose greater obligations on employers to ensure their workplaces are free from discrimination and sexual harassment.

How to say “thats not cool” to your boss

The Respect@Work Amendment Act is making sure workers are protected and empowered to address unlawful sexual harassment in the workplace. Here's what you need to do make sure you're compliant.

What’s all the fuss with wellness?

At performHR we understand the importance of creating a workplace that prioritizes employee wellness and we know the benefits of it!

Attracting the talent you want in 2023

It is easy to lose focus on recruitment when you may not need to fill any current vacancies, however the best way to set your organisation up to attract and keep the right talent is by building a strategy well before the need to recruit so that you are prepared and have the right processes in place. Coming into the new year, many employers are left thinking about talent challenges and asking “how long is this going to continue?” or “should I be doing things differently?”

Workplace Investigations: A Step-by-Step Guide

A workplace investigation will help to collect evidence about what has or hasn’t happened, and can also protect the business against unfair dismissal claims further down the path

Guide to the 4 day work week proposal

The 4 day working week has long been a topic of conversation at the staff lunch table. We’ve all heard about the compelling legends of Scandinavian countries trying out the 4 day working week to great success.

7 Must-Have Policies for Every Modern Employee Handbook

Your employee handbook isn’t just a list of stodgy rules – it’s a dynamic embodiment of your organisation’s values and future. Shape it in the right way, and you’ll be inspiring new hires and supporting your existing team in the ways that matter.

How Best to Protect Employee Privacy During Workplace Investigations

A workplace investigation can be a challenging experience, and by its very nature often requires delving into sensitive matters with employees. Employees might hold valid concerns that the process could affect their reputation, their career or their standing with colleagues if the matter isn’t handled correctly.

6 Questions to Ask Before You Terminate Any Employee

Few leaders go into the employee termination process lightly, knowing that it’s a significant step. Will you be able to handle the process fairly, correctly and lawfully and without unwanted consequences? Given our experience in employment relations, we wanted to put together a quick guide to six questions you should ask before terminating any employee.

5 First Steps to Take With a Problem Employee

Barring a few specific and clear reasons for instant dismissal, the first instinct in dealing with difficult employees shouldn’t be to fire them. First, it’s important to look a little closer at what might be going on both with the employee and with the wider organisation. Here are five important steps to take first with any problem employee.

Why Great Employees Quit – and How to Transform Your Turnover Rates

A great employee can provide value that extends far beyond their role, and when someone like this resigns it can cause ripple effects through an organisation. Workplace morale can suffer and productivity can take a hit – not to mention the cost of recruiting and hiring someone of the same calibre. So why do great employees quit?

7 Make-or-Break Strategies for Remote Onboarding

Remote and hybrid working is a reality for many organisations these days, due both to COVID-19 and to growing employee demand. In fact, Buffer’s 2021 State of Remote Work report indicates that 97.6% of employees want to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their career. As such, having solid remote strategies in place will make all the difference for most organisations. These seven key strategies can truly make or break your remote employee onboarding process.

5 Tips for Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

An engaged workplace, where employees are stimulated and motivated, is proven to lead to greater business success with higher profitability and productivity, lower absenteeism, lower staff turnover and even higher customer loyalty. One of the key ways of encouraging employee engagement is to offer feedback and support through a structured performance review process.

5 Proven Recruiting Strategies for Hiring Great Employees

As anyone running or hiring for an organisation will be able to tell you, employees can make or break a business. They can shape the culture, the customer service and the products or services you offer. So how can you ensure your recruitment process is effective and results in the best person for each role?

When is Workplace Mediation the Right Course of Action?

If everyone was the same, the office would be a dull place indeed. It’s almost a given that there will be some level of healthy disagreement and conflict in any dynamic workplace, but it’s when these conflicts become disruptive – or impact on the welfare or productivity or employees – that further action is required.

Are Your Employees Really as Engaged as You Might Think?

Everything’s going along swimmingly, your staff all seem happy and there’s no reason to worry about employee engagement, right? Ideally, you’ll be looking for the signs of disengaged employees on an ongoing basis, because research indicates that only 53% of employees across Australia and New Zealand are engaged at work.

The First 3 Steps Towards Developing a Successful HR Strategy

Strategic human resource management doesn’t just guide your HR team – it can have an impact on every element of your organisation, from attracting the talent that shapes your innovation to realising the full potential of every person and every workday.

When Should A Small Business Think About Outsourcing HR?

Outsourcing your HR might seem like the last thing you’d consider when running a small business, when in fact it can make excellent business sense. While your first instinct may be to keep things contained in-house, outsourcing can give you access to extensive experience, accurate advice, flexible support and lower HR costs to boot. So when might you consider making the move to outsourced HR support?

Unfair Dismissal: The Potential Costs to Your Business

In an ideal world, an employer and employee will go their separate ways after a termination of employment. But should the ex-employee feel they have grounds for an unfair dismissal claim, they can send an application to Australia’s Fair Work Commission for a minimal fee. This is likely to lead to one big question – how much could this potentially cost your business? Here, we cover what you might expect if the situation arises.

The Right Way to Handle A Workplace Investigation

Bullying, discrimination, harassment and allegations of misconduct; all things you don’t necessarily expect to hear about on a Tuesday morning. Nobody looks forward to a situation where a serious allegation is made in the workplace and it may come as quite a shock, but if this does happen your next steps will matter a great deal.

How HR Can Help Managers to Become Better Leaders

Managers typically land their roles for a very good reason; because they’re highly skilled at what they do. A manager makes strategic decisions, assigns tasks to the most suitable team members and takes responsibility to ensure objectives are achieved. But as you’ll know – there’s a whole lot more to true leadership than just ticking off a bunch of KPIs.

What is HR Support for Small Business and why is it important?

Running a small business is challenging at the best of times. As a business owner you're expected to play many roles but HR should not be one of them. Leave it to an outsourced HR provider to support you so that you can get on with what you love doing.

What is HR’s Role in Employee Termination?

While organisations rarely want to dismiss an employee, from time to time it may be necessary. In the case that you do need to carry out an employee termination, you’ll want to have a HR representative present at any and all meetings and to help guide the process. But why is this the case?

Your Ultimate HR Team Might Be Outside Your Office

When it comes to human resources, should you outsource select components, or the entire function? It depends on your organisation’s specific needs. But many businesses are benefitting significantly from the access to HR expertise, flexibility and growth that often result from outsourced HR.

The secret to successful workplace investigations

Issues occur in workplaces with some regularity, and whether it be a dispute between employees, a breach of procedure, a case of misconduct or something else altogether, it needs to be dealt with effectively and efficiently. But how?

How to Handle Workplace Bullying Without Adding Fuel to the Fire

If you’re dealing with someone in the workplace who has been bullying, harassing, intimidating, threatening or victimising an individual or group of employees, the very last thing you’ll want to do is make the situation worse. So how do you handle the situation without adding fuel to the fire?

3 Ways to Value and Support Your Older Employees

It seems that Australia is changing its attitude towards older employees, and for the better.

In a recent report by the Australian HR Institute and the Australian Human Rights Commission, 28% of respondents in the AHRI report had no reluctance to employ older workers, up from 8% in 2014. While that number is still far from ideal, it is improving.

Should You be Outsourcing or Insourcing your HR?

Along with haircuts, HR is high on the list of activities that shouldn’t be left to just anyone. This leaves most businesses with two options. Should your business be managing HR matters with a dedicated internal professional or department, or should you consider HR outsourcing in Sydney to meet your current and upcoming needs? Here’s what to consider when weighing up both sides of the coin.

Does a Small Business Really Need HR – And How?

It doesn’t matter how small and agile the team; human resource issues can arise at any business size and stage. So how do small businesses access the advice and services they need without wasting resources?

COVID-19: Leading Your Team

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, many leaders are facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty. Lyndell Fogarty, CEO of performHR shares her thoughts.

The 3 Questions Every CEO Needs to Ask

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s an adage many CEOs grapple with. And sometimes it’s difficult to balance the desire to drive a new agenda; going from good to great, reducing or even eliminating a way of operating that is outdated.

Modern Award Changes from 1 March 2020

Annualised salaries may seem like a welcome administrative relief for employers. However, with changes coming to certain modern awards on 1 March, this may no longer be the case. The team here at performHR has reviewed the changes and shares their thoughts.

Announcement: SCHADS Award pay rate adjustment

On the 1st December, rates of pay for some employees under the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (SCHADS Award) increased. Have you made the necessary changes to payroll for your team?

Outsourced HR – What’s the benefit?

HR has many components to it, each requiring a different skill set. Whether you need ongoing support in payroll, once-off recruitment, or expert Employment Relations advice, there are a number of benefits to outsourced HR partners - for both your business, and your people.

Do you have a people plan?

You wouldn’t invite your builder to start building your home without first creating a plan. Don’t do it with your business, either. A well-thought out people strategy is essential for business success. But why?

What makes a great culture?

A strong culture is evident in the way each and every one of your team acts and behaves. And, as a business leader, it's your responsibility to ensure that culture is powering your business.

Your M&A due diligence HR checklist

Involve HR from the outset in any M&A... a human due diligence process can reduce imminent risks and identify potential deal breakers.

Fast facts: Single Touch Payroll

It's been described as the biggest change for businesses since the introduction of GST. So, here's everything you need to know about single touch payroll.

The true cost of poor culture

Culture's not a fluffy concept that makes work a 'nice' place to be. It can have a major impact on every part of your business – including the bottom line.

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