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A great employee can provide value that extends far beyond their role, and when someone like this resigns it can cause ripple effects through an organisation. Workplace morale can suffer and productivity can take a hit – not to mention the cost of recruiting and hiring someone of the same calibre. So why do great employees quit?

Much of this comes down to employee engagement.

Here, we cover the key aspects of employee engagement that might be missing and how to transform your employee retention and employee turnover rate.

Possibility #1: The employee is feeling undervalued

Hard-working employees who are feeling undervalued might not explicitly say so, but might instead display a change in motivation or productivity. Greater recognition can help in a variety of forms:

  • A pay rise or pay equalisation
  • Organisation-wide acknowledgement of a job well done, as well as
  • Regular one-on-one performance reviews.

Possibility #2: They sense an absence of growth opportunities

We all need room to thrive and expand in our careers, both professionally and personally. It’s so important to provide opportunities to professionally develop and upskill for each individual within the organisation. Speak one-on-one with valued employees to understand their future goals, and see where they want to grow next – it may be upwards in their current role or it could even be a cross-department move.

Possibility #3: They’re feeling consistently swamped

Ongoing pressure can be draining, and with all these pandemic-related changes there are many employees who are taking on more than they were before. It’s so important to check in with employees if they ever seem overworked or approaching burnout, and take active steps to supporting a better work balance. This might include hiring an additional person for that role, job sharing, or redefining the KPIs and duties for that employee.

Possibility #4: They perceive poor management

Don’t we all want to know the ship we’re on is being steered with capability and confidence? Motivated employees need clear direction and purpose in their roles, and if they’re failing to receive this they can begin to look for opportunities elsewhere. PerformHR can help you to cultivate your internal leadership and coaching skillset, helping your best leaders to reach their full potential.

Possibility #5: They’re looking for greater flexibility

Many people have had to juggle work and life in some way in the past two years, and flexibility is fast becoming a recruitment drawcard. As such, it’s an important part of the employee retention strategy for many organisations. Flexible work benefits employee wellbeing, and can also remove a common barrier for women achieving and thriving in leadership roles. If you have the means to offer employees a flexible work environment, this can help to boost your employee retention and also your organisational productivity.

If you’re looking for a HR service provider in Sydney, or elsewhere around Australia, then get in touch with the team at PerformHR. Our HR specialists can help you to refine your employee retention strategy and people policies, including other project-based and ongoing HR services.

“Speak one-on-one with valued employees to understand their future goals, and see where they want to grow next – it may be upwards in their current role or it could even be a cross-department move.”

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