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Outsourcing your HR might seem like the last thing you’d consider when running a small business, when in fact it can make excellent business sense. While your first instinct may be to keep things contained in-house, outsourcing can give you access to extensive experience, accurate advice, flexible support and lower HR costs to boot. So when might you consider making the move to outsourced HR support?

If you don’t already have a diverse HR team

No one HR professional can do it all. Between employment terminations and mediations, workplace reviews, investigations and wider HR strategy, it’s hardly reasonable to expect a handful of HR professionals to possess every skill required – as well as the depth of knowledge – to drive your people strategy forward. The challenge can be even greater for the many small businesses where someone handles human resources in addition to their day-to-day role. Outsourced HR doesn’t need to replace your HR team; instead it can support it, filling in gaps in knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own complete multi-disciplinary HR team of experts.

If you’re facing a HR dilemma (or even if you’re not)

Quite often a small business will look to outsourced HR support when they’re facing a particularly complex or delicate HR challenge, such as an employment termination or a workplace culture issue. This is a fantastic decision, as the business will be able to access a raft of important skillsets and expertise without the high overheads. However, there’s also no need to wait for crisis mode to optimise your HR practices through outsourcing – and in fact, doing so proactively enables you to avoid many workplace issues in the first place! An expert strategy session can have profound benefits for a workplace in both the short and long term.

If you rely on the quality of your people

And let’s face it – what business doesn’t? Small and growing businesses are particularly reliant on attracting and retaining great talent, but this isn’t always an easy process when you’re also trying to manage multiple areas within the business. HR management services can refresh your HR framework and practices, support and upskill your internal HR staff, and help to develop your leadership team.

PerformHR provides world-class outsourced HR services in Melbourne, Sydney and right across Australia. If the time has come to outsource your HR needs – or even if you’re not sure if it’s right for you – we’d be all too happy to arrange a discovery call to discuss your objectives. Simply contact us today and arrange a time that suits.

“Small and growing businesses are particularly reliant on attracting and retaining great talent”

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