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What is HR project service?

Our HR project service is an on-demand HR service designed to accelerate crucial HR decisions with less time, money and effort involved. Our tailored strategic programs help organisations align current HR decisions with their company values and upskill and retain the right people in their organisation.


A good EVP can be a game changer in this competitive market. Ideally, an EVP should represent a promise between an employer and a potential applicant. It highlights what your company and culture can offer applicants in exchange for their talent, skills and experience.
We will work with you to build a purposeful Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that promotes your company’s core benefits that constitute your wider employer brand With expert guidance on implementing an effective EVP, your organisation will gain a competitive edge when attracting top talent.

Change Management Plan

Managing a big workplace change but unsure how to put your abstract plans into practice? Our team can work alongside you to build a proactive plan that enables genuine, sustainable change across all levels of your organisation.
With our reliable Change Management Toolkit, we can provide you with the necessary insights and processes to manage impactful change. Our tried-and-tested program will empower you to corral your key stakeholders, design an impactful process and execute the communications as effortlessly as possible.

HRIS Implementation

It is often difficult to implement an HRIS while also managing your day-to-day responsibilities. Luckily, we can simplify the process for your organisation providing end-to-end guidance on best practices for HRIS implementation. Our team will work with you to develop a bespoke project plan that aligns with your company’s objectives. We will support you with data migration, system testing, change management and, of course, user training.

Succession Planning Program

By identifying and nurturing the people that will fill your critical roles in the future, succession planning is critical for ensuring your company’s long-term success. Our team can work with you to identify and develop training plans for future leaders and other business-critical roles. This process will ultimately support your business’ operating rhythm so that it can continue to operate as intended, even when important people leave.



Remuneration Framework

Today’s market conditions call for a structured and fair remuneration strategy that draws on benefits and conditions that are unique to your workforce.
Our team has extensive experience working with organisations to develop a remuneration strategy, policy and framework that attracts talented employees, promotes a high-performing organisational culture and complies with workplace laws. These key benefits of a well-integrated remuneration strategy can significantly improve internal operations and overall profitability.

Rewards and Recognition Program

Does your organisation lack a formal employee recognition program? If the answer is yes, our team can help your organisation build a custom recognition program that is informed by your workplace, goals and budget.
We can work with you to identify opportunities where you can provide employees with positive feedback based on results, performance or major milestones. These steps will ultimately result in a consistent rewards and recognition program that drives employee engagement and overall team performance.

Culture Programs

Great workplace cultures are purposefully designed and implemented from top down, making them an achievable goal for all organisations. We can work with leaders and managers to develop, enhance, lead and monitor a positive workplace culture that meets the vision of their organisation. Whether you want to improve development, engagement, communication or diversity, we can assist you in developing a program that is fit for purpose and aligned to the challenges of your organisation.

Performance Appraisal Program

In order to encourage continuous improvement in the workplace, organisations must integrate a structured mechanism that promotes regular communication between employees and their managers. Alongside your organisation, we can design bespoke feedback and performance programs by employing processes that promote meaningful connections between leaders and employees. Whether you intend to use an electronic platform for performance appraisals or prefer a more simplistic approach, our team can work with you to understand the key themes that are important to you and create a process suitable to your operations.

Restructure and Organisational Redesign

Organisational restructuring is a critical part of responding to shifting external and internal contexts. While certain factors of your redesign may fall outside of your control, the good news is that responding to them doesn’t have to be stressful.
Whether you are reacting to changes in the marketplace or a shift in corporate strategy, we can work with you to develop a structured process for organisational redesign. Creating a systemic process to manage redesign will help to ensure that your people are treated fairly throughout the change and that operational disruptions are minimised.

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