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What is HR consulting?

HR consulting delievers world-class experience and knowledge to your organisation when and as it’s needed.
Working with professionals outside of the business can provide an invaluable perspective and clear guidance
for multiple aspects of your HR function.

Whether you can use directional guidance via a HR strategy session, project support for a specific challenge or ongoing managed HR support, HR consulting can expand your capabilities – and ultimately your organisational success.

How can HR consulting benefit my business?

When determining how HR consulting can benefit your business, it helps to consider the value of an in-house HR team, the value of external HR consultants and the relationship between the to.

Benefits of an HR team

Why maintain a dedicated Human Resources team within your organisation? Your HR team might manage day-to-day employment administration such as payroll and employee benefits, but also support the professional development, engagement and wellbeing of your employees. Here’s how that looks in the real world.

Maintain and improve workplace culture

The cost of high turnover or low workplace morale can quickly affect your bottom line. An internal HR team should actively work to engage and retain employees through strong interpersonal relationships and the development of workplace culture.

Streamline recruitment

Finding the right talent is an investment worth making: particularly when considering the costs of rehiring or underperformance. In-house HR teams can focus their efforts on finding the right fit for your organisation with a smooth onboarding process.

Manage employee development and performance

The best leaders can often come from within an existing workforce. HR teams may also be assessing employee performance and work with each employee to bring out their full potential through coaching and professional development.

Stay on top of compliance

This is a crucial point for any organisation. Regardless of what industry you are in, your HR team should be working to maintain fair and lawful employment practices compliant with tax and workplace regulations.

Benefits of HR consulting

If you have an internal HR team, why engage an external consultancy service? The benefits of HR consulting soon become clear in two different ways.

Save money on high-quality HR

Perhaps your organisation is growing fast and your HR team is finding it difficult to keep up. Perhaps you simply want to access a higher level of compliance knowledge or, you are wanting expertise to help your workforce grow, be engaged and ultimately, improve your bottom-line, HR consulting can give you access to knowledge and smarts that you don’t currently have in-house. HR consulting can give you access to a very broad and deep range of expertise and experience when you need it, all at a portion of the cost of hiring that expertise in-house.

Gain unbiased perspectives on strategy and operations

Do you know if your benefits packages are actually competitive in your industry? Do you know how your workplace culture stacks up against others? And what’s the best way to align your HR strategy with your upcoming plans for growth? HR consulting can provide an expert, objective perspective for these matters and for challenges such as workplace mediations and investigations.

Is HR consulting right for my business?

Who does HR consulting provide value for? It may be the right next step for your organisation if:

  • The workplace seems busy, yet you are failing to gain traction on your objectives
  • Your team doesn’t seem to be aligned with organisational values
  • There are tensions within the workplace culture
  • You want to better align your HR function with your goals or strategies
  • Your HR team is getting bogged down in time-consuming tasks
  • You want to plan, measure or justify the ROI of HR investments

What are the HR consultancy services on offer?

HR consulting covers a range of HR tasks and requirements that organisations can sometimes struggle to meet internally. Our HR consultants at PerformHR provide the following services, from organisation-wide strategy to the most detailed of HR admin processes:

Planning and strategy

The quality, engagement and performance of your team is critical for growth – yet many organisations don’t have a clear HR strategy in place. The right HR consultants will invest time to deeply understand your organisation and develop a strategic roadmap to align your HR function with your business objectives.

Policies and procedures

Your policies and procedures play a pivotal role in how your organisation onboards, retains talent, offboards and handles conflict if it arises. Experienced HR consultants can objectively review and optimise your policies and procedures to facilitate a more modern, equal, diverse, engaging and productive workplace.

Day-to-day services

If your HR department spends most of its time on day to day HR administration, there can be value in outsourcing this to a trusted team. As well as overarching strategic planning, our HR consultancy business can support you with matters such as employment contract and entitlement queries, onboarding, offboarding, performance management, wellness programs and more through managed HR support.

Organisational culture and engagement

Workplace culture can be a challenging element to assess when you’re standing too close to it. The right HR consultants can help to identify weaknesses and opportunities for a positive workplace environment and improved employee engagement.

Leadership development and coaching

HR consultancy can be powerful when it comes to highlighting, reviewing and supporting great talent within your team. IMPACT coaching can help to fill skill gaps, equip emerging leaders and bring out the full confidence and potential of your team.

Recruitment and search

You might be looking for assistance to enhance your existing recruitment processes, or to outsource recruitment and search to a professional team. Either way, the right HR consultants can optimise your talent base while simultaneously reducing your cost and time to hire.

What should I expect from a HR consultant?

These are the key attributes we look for as we expand our own HR consultancy team:

  • Clear communication skills
  • Active listening qualities
  • Experience in employee evaluation
  • Mentoring capabilities
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Specialist area expertise

How much will HR consulting cost?

How do HR consulting firms work, and what do HR consultants charge? Ultimately this will depend on the provider and the consulting services you require. You may find that HR consultants provide far more value than paying salaries for the same expertise in-house. That’s because reputable HR consulting services combine multiple skills in one capable team, from law to HR strategy.

At PerformHR we begin with an obligation-free consultation to help you decide if we’re the right fit. You can also explore our client case studies to explore the real-world benefits of expert HR consulting.

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