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Employment Relations Services are designed to assist clients culturally re-align their workplace relations landscape for competitive, fair and collaborative outcomes. With many years of combined knowledge and experience in workplace law, industrial relations, workplace investigations and training, our experts are available when you need them and will guide you through the process in a pragmatic, cost-effective and discreet manner. Through our Employment Relations Services, we can assist with performance management of employees, Fair Work claims of unfair dismissal and termination of employment.

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Employment Terminations

One of the most challenging things for employers to understand and manage correctly within their organisations, big and small, is termination of employment. Put simply, it is the process to end employees’ working arrangements with the business. As an area of employment that is so important and often quite detrimental to a business if done incorrectly, it is imperative for business owners and employers alike to understand their employees’ entitlements and the relevant legislation which they need to adhere to. The risk of getting it wrong could mean a claim of unfair dismissal or adverse action resulting in costly litigation.

We can assist you with:

  • All aspects of employment terminations
  • Performance management
  • Redundancies
  • Negotiated exits
  • Workplace restructures

Unfair dismissal claims

An application for unfair dismissal may be lodged by an employee to the Fair Work Commission within 21 days of dismissal taking effect, provided they meet the requirements set out under the Fair Work Act 2009.

We can assist you in responding to an unfair dismissal claim. It is imperative that you don’t ignore the claim as it is the start of a formal legal process which can have wide ranging implications if not handled correctly and in a timely fashion. If you do not participate in the process, a decision may be made against you.

We can assist you with:

  • Developing a response to the claim
  • Raising jurisdictional objections where appropriate
  • Representation at a Fair Work conciliation as an agent
  • Representation at a Fair Work conference or hearing as an agent
  • Dealing with the outcome of the matter.


Workplace investigations

Our investigators conduct investigations into workplace complaints and allegations of misconduct. These instances can arise even in well-managed organisations, and it’s absolutely imperative they’re handled correctly and objectively from the start. PerformHR can provide a proven process and expert navigation as you traverse these complex matters. We approach workplace investigations in a fair and impartial manner while carefully maintaining employee privacy. The result is a successful workplace investigation that not only outlines a clear direct outcome, but can also highlight larger issues at play to address in the workplace.

Our investigations teams comprise highly experienced, qualified HR and Workplace Relations experts for your peace of mind.

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Workplace reviews

We perform workplace reviews into problematic teams and departments. If you have a critical incident, a dysfunctional or unethical culture then you need a review of your workplace.

An experienced review of existing workplace policies and environments can offer a powerfully neutral perspective that isn’t always easy to maintain when working within the organisation. We identify the root cause(s) underpinning the workplace issues, complaints or breakdown in business processes and provide pragmatic solutions to address the underlying issues.

Workplace mediation

Workplace conflicts can become fraught quickly, and managing these conflicts without straining relationships further can be a fine tightrope to walk. Complex interpersonal issues and tensions may seem like they’re best handled internally, however a neutral and capable third party can provide invaluable objectivity and guidance in these situations. Our experienced mediators provide independent workplace mediations to resolve disputes and workplace issues in an effective and efficient manner.


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Bargaining agreements

If an employer takes control of the bargaining process, an Enterprise Agreement can offer additional benefits to employees while at the same time promoting flexibility, simplicity and innovation. With bargaining agreements such a pivotal matter for organisations, it’s important not to trust this crucial matter to just anybody who offers workplace relations services. The team at PerformHR can provide experienced specialists in this area to help you develop, negotiate and formalise an appropriate Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

Employment policies

Strong employment policies and procedures ensure you can respond with confidence if your staff act inappropriately. To minimise risk to your organisation, you should undertake a review of your employment policies to ensure currency and that they reflect new legal standards. Not only can this help to protect the organisation from poor behaviour, but implementing more accurate policies can also support an employee relations model where employees feel more connected, impactful and appreciated.

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