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Through a mix of on-site and virtual support, we are a visible part of your business, working closely with the decision-makers and stakeholders to ensure best-practice HR is evident business-wide.

Outsourced HR is Perfect for:

  • Businesses that want the very best HR practices and processes.
  • Organisations that feel their current HR people aren’t keeping up with change, or aren’t delivering results.
  • Leaders needing to boost their existing HR function, capability or capacity.
  • Companies that need to refresh existing HR practices and frameworks.
  • Forward-thinking businesses that want to transition to a new world, aligned to values and strategy through outsourced HR support. 

Curious how our outsourced HR model works in practice? See our case studies to learn how some household names have benefited from outsourcing their HR.

How does it work?

Our PerformHR Managed Support model looks different for each client, based on your specific needs and current capability.

We take a seat at the table, immerse ourselves in the goals and objectives of the leadership team, and employ a structured change management approach to the transformation of people.

We are visible in your organisation, while some of the transactional HR work can be executed off-site.

For some companies, PerformHR is accountable for the tactical delivery of HR, which can include:

  • HR administration and management of the employee lifecycle.
  • Managing performance within the organisation.
  • Delivering existing HR frameworks.
  • Building new HR frameworks.

What’s the benefit?

  • Access to some of Australia’s leading HR professionals to ensure you get the right advice at the right time.
  • HR delivered in an agile way – you get specialty skill-sets as needed without carrying excessive overheads.
  • Upskill and support your existing HR resources – your team can learn and grow through managed HR services.
  • Working with experts to develop and implement your people strategy builds capability and confidence throughout your leadership team, and helps them deliver the business strategy.

Time to speak with one of our experts about how our Managed HR offer could benefit your business? Book a complimentary call today. 

Build better

How we can help

Through our range of specially-design services and products, we can help you identify the real issues that are holding your business back, and recommend the most efficient and effective approaches to enable your business to thrive.

Our approach certainly isn’t one-size-fits-all. When you’re dealing with people, how can it be?

We primarily work with businesses in four ways: Our PerformHR Strategy Session, PerformHR Projects, PerformHR Support (ongoing outsourced HR) and Employment Relations.

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