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Author: Lyndell Fogarty

The majority of us don’t make big financial commitments without a very well-thought-out plan.

Consider the last time you bought a home or renovated your property, for example.

Hours spent online researching the perfect home for your current situation. Product reviews absorbed; weighing up the must-haves and nice-to-haves. Just how important are they?

Renovations are mapped out, a road map created. Year one, new kitchen. The bathroom? It’ll do for now, but we’ll save up for better.

It’s usually a drawn out – exceptionally well considered – purchase. We being in experts to inform our decisions. We’ll take care to understand every facet of our purchase; we ask questions, and gather as much information and knowledge as possible.

Of course we do. It’s usually one of the biggest outlays of our lives. Get it wrong, and we could be in financial difficulty.

So, why do we usually treat our businesses differently?

If you’re a business owner or business leader, the success of the business is your success to share, too – be it financially, professionally, or a combination of the two.

Often though, while we’ll pay microcosmic attention to the new splash back for our new kitchen, we’ll take a relaxed attitude to the people in our business, and the people who are managing them.

We allow our teams to amble along under the leadership of people with differing levels of ability.

We allow our teams to have different focuses.

We allow our teams to operate at different paces.

We allow our teams to operate with a focus on the urgent, not the important.

When it comes to the people function in business, we leave too much to chance.

We leave different people decorating different rooms, with no sense of the overall impact we’re trying to achieve.

We leave different people doing renovations to different parts of the house, without consulting each other about the end goal.

You’d never take that approach with your home. So why take it with your business?

Just like your renovations, your business needs a people strategy.

A well-thought out people strategy for your business will balance the immediate business needs with strategic goals. It’s agile, it can react to things that need to be dealt with, but it’s guided by a longer term vision, the business’s purpose and your business’s objectives.

Without a people strategy that’s aligned with your business objectives, any investment you make in people becomes arbitrary. How can you set your leaders, your HR capability, and your people up for success if they haven’t got a clear picture of what success looks like.

You wouldn’t invite your builder to start building your home without giving them your vision and signing off on the plans. Don’t do it with your business, either.

Create that people plan today – you’ll get significantly more out of your teams.

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