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PerformHR was engaged by an Education-based not-for-profit organisation located in Victoria to enhance the performance management skills of its middle managers. The team consisted of ten managers with a diverse background, some of whom needed a refresher course, while others were new to their roles with minimal experience in this area. The aim was to equip the middle managers with the necessary skills and tools to effectively manage performance and understand the appropriate instances to involve the People & Culture team, as per the client’s request.


Our approach started with understanding the unique needs of the client and their middle management team, along with common instances of challenges with performance management that the team has been dealing with. After gathering enough background and data, PerformHR tailored our Performance Management Essentials Training for Managers. The training covered the definition and basics of Performance Management and organisational-specific guidelines, policies, procedures, and critical scenarios. PerformHR finished the session by practicing coaching skills and diving into practical feedback tools.


After attending the performance management training, middle managers have reported ease in applying the tools from the training, resulting in a significant boost in their competence in managing their teams’ performance. This improvement in competence should instill a sense of confidence in the middle managers, as they are now equipped with the necessary skills. The People & Culture department has noted a behavioural improvement in the managers’ ability to handle performance-related matters autonomously, with a clear understanding of when to escalate to People & Culture for further support.

Additionally, the department has reported an increase in record-keeping and best practice actions.

“The department has reported an increase in record-keeping and best practice actions.”

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