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HR outsourcing allows you to boost your expertise, experience and efficiencies across key HR functions. But which services are the most common to outsource external support for? There are a number of HR processes that, when fully or partially outsourced, can not only free up time but also benefit the business through clarity and structured support. These HR services can actually be broader than you might expect.

The most common services to access HR outsourcing for

This HR outsourcing services list covers some of the most common processes that third-party HR providers help with.

  • Overarching HR strategy

    Whether you feel the organisation is spinning its wheels or are simply looking for the best path forward when it comes to HR policies and processes, an HR strategy session is one of the most powerful outsourced HR solutions. You gain the benefit of outside perspective with deep expertise, and are guided to redefine your HR function so that it truly aligns with your organisation’s objectives and values.

  • Recruitment

    The quality of your talent can impact on practically every angle of your business, yet it takes a lot of time and resources to get recruitment right. This helps to explain why recruitment is so commonly entrusted to HR outsourcing companies. With a quality provider, outsourced recruiting can actually reduce time to hire by 40% and recruitment costs by more than 50%.

  • Employment relations

    Employment relations encompass a vast range of processes, from setting appropriate workplace policies through to handling unfair dismissal claims and employment terminations in a fair and legal way. Compliance and workplace culture can both be complex fields, which is why so many organisations choose to work with a trusted HR outsourcing provider.

  • Workplace investigations & mediations

    While these two services technically fit into employment relations, they’re worth mentioning individually because they are seen as daunting and high-risk by so many organisations. HR outsourcing companies can bring an impartiality and a systematic methodology to these processes that makes it easier to resolve workplace matters objectively, transparently and in a way that meets all governing regulations.

  • Leadership & coaching

    Are you looking to identify tomorrow’s up-and-coming leaders within your team, or to better support your current management team? Leadership and coaching is a commonly outsourced HR function for good reason. Why limit your leaders to the knowledge present within the team when they can grow from cutting-edge research and world-class leadership expertise beyond it?

When considering an outsourced HR solution, consider core capabilities

Not all HR outsourcing companies are alike, and it’s important to assess the capabilities and breadth of expertise that a provider offers. This ensures that whether you access outsourced HR solutions to support your leaders, tailor a strategic roadmap, maintain compliance, work through a workplace issue or foster an amazing workplace culture (or, all of the above), you’ll have the expertise and experience on hand to provide genuine value.

As an example, the PerformHR team includes employee relations specialists, industrial relations experts, workplace investigators and mediators, talent sourcing specialist, coaching and leadership specialists and more. If you are looking for a respected outsourced HR service in Melbourne, Brisbane, Parramatta or across Australia, you can call our friendly team on 1300 406 005 to get started.

“HR outsourcing allows you to boost your expertise, experience and efficiencies across key HR functions”

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