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We believe that businesses deserve better when it comes to HR and people strategy.

Founded by CEO Lyndell Fogarty in 2009, PerformHR was born from the belief that businesses deserve better when it comes to HR.

People are the driving force behind every business imaginable – yet, where does HR sit, and how is it viewed, in most businesses?

We believe that done well, HR has the power to truly drive business, to transform companies and to help individuals achieve the seemingly impossible.

So, since 2009, that has been our mission: To change the way HR is done.

We continue to be guided by that mantra today. With our PerformHR team of Australia-based HR professionals working with businesses of every size across the country and beyond. Delivering progressive, agile and strategic HR solutions.

We work with companies in a number of ways. Some ask us to manage their HR function in its entirety, and we do this through a mixture of onsite and virtual support. Some will partner with us for a specific project – a merger, a growth spurt, or a need for policy and procedure.

Others will partner with us for strategy – to help identify what’s possible for them.

We work across every sector, and build specialist teams for the sectors that need it to guide through specific legislative change – today, that’s for disability and aged care.

Grow & flourish

Working at PerformHR

Of course, it’s vitally important that we walk the walk at PerformHR. Which is why we have a huge focus on creating a work environment of our own that supports, nurtures, and helps people grow and flourish.

This is a high-paced, driven environment, we strive for the very best for both ourselves and our clients.

We are proud to have been named an HRD Employer of Choice in 2019 for Communication, and in 2018 for Training and Professional Development. In 2017 we were a finalist for the Best Workplace Flexibility Program and Lyndell Fogarty, our CEO, was named Australian HR Champion (CEO) of the Year.

“Our work culture is fast paced but incredibly fulfilling in so many ways.”

Our code matters

Our values

At PerformHR we live and breathe our values – and we definitely walk the walk. When you work with us, this is what you get.

Opportunities at PerformHR

To work at PerformHR you've got to have something special. We love creative, driven people who get excited and inspired by helping our clients reach their potential.

The roles that we currently have available are listed below. Even if there's nothing available right now, don't hesitate to get in touch... we love hearing from talented people.

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