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Lyndell Fogarty


Lyndell, our co-founder and CEO, is a dynamic and fearless entrepreneur who loves working with other businesses and business leaders to develop their people capacity.

An experienced HR generalist with a knack for organisational development, Lyndell thrives on marrying her extensive commercial thinking and her ability to apply a multi-faceted yet pragmatic approach to people to drive business improvement.

Lyndell is also an engaging facilitator and presenter, who is regularly invited to speak at industry forums in a variety of sectors including aged care, disability services, mining services, engineering and manufacturing.

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Get to know Lyndell

What phrase is most likely to come out of your mouth on any given day?

“That’s one option, another could be…”

What was the last book you read?

How to raise healthy teenage girls - learnt more than I anticipated!

Favourite TV show?

I have a few: West Wing; The Crown; Gilmour Girls and at the moment, loving Suits.

How do you spend your weekends

In winter, it’s at netball. In summer, it is around our pool or at the beach – always with family.

What’s in your fridge?

A few of my staples are wine, labne, berries and anything green.

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