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Hope Lawry

HR Officer

Hope is a recent graduate from Macquarie University, having completed a Bachelor of Science, Psychology, and is continuing her study part time to complete a Master of Human Resource Management.

Joining the PerformHR team in late 2019, Hope supports clients across a range of sectors including Aged Care, and Disability – delivering people strategies which drive business success. Hope is looking forward to getting to know her clients to understand their individual needs and motivations, and working with them to achieve their goals.

Having spent many years in hospitality, retail and administrative support roles, Hope isn't afraid to work hard within a team environment, and consistently seeks the best outcome for her clients.

Hope has a long history of volunteer work, a passion for supporting others in their career journey, and a particularly strong focus on personal well being.

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Get to know Hope

How do you spend your weekends?

Coffee, beach, tea, sleep.. repeat!

What’s in your fridge?

Probably some baby spinach and feta... oh and tomatoes that I planned to eat, but never did.

What are you bringing to PHR?

I hope to bring innovation, versatility and a bit (more) fun!

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